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    IMPORTANT Upcoming Changes

    Discussion in 'News and Annoucements' started by RealOG, Apr 1, 2017.

    Hello Everyone

    We have some big announcements to make.

    First off, as some of you may know, Disco has been pregnant for a while and is due to deliver next week. We decided that she will have the next month weeks off to spend some time with her baby and I will fill in her position as community manager.

    Please congratulate her on the wonderful news.

    This brings us to the next topic. Since I don't normally have as much time to spend on the forums, we have agreed that once she comes back, we will select a new council member from some of the more known community members to help us manage the site. They will act as assistant community manager and help deal with the increasing workload that TPG is taking. The selection process will be held privately, where we will search for potential candidates, and then conduct an interview with them once my mom is back on her feet.

    Thanks for your time and have fun.