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    INFO Trader History -How to Guide-

    Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Canadian-bacon, Aug 31, 2016.

    Trader History, what is Trader History? On forums you can check users Trader history to see what other users say about this person's past Trades, whether it be positive or negative to see if this person is reputable and trustworthy to trade with.

    Though you may be asking yourself, how do I view this and submit feedback? Well this quick How to (With pictures) Should help you.

    Viewing Feedback:
    To view feedback it is very simple, either go on a certain player's profile or post and click the Trader History button.

    Trader history 1.png

    trader history profile.png

    Next you'll see The buying and Selling Options, to see how Users had previously bought and sold items.

    Trader history 2.png
    Click on these and you'll see a review, like so:

    trader history feedback.png

    Submitting Feedback:
    Submitting feedback is simple, first click on the submit Feedback button in either selling or buying tabs depending on the user's role in your trade.
    Trader history 3.png
    Fill out the form.
    Trader history 4.png
    Then hit Submit!

    Simple! Thank you for following this short guide, try to do this for every forum based Trade and remind others as well.
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