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    IMPORTANT Recruitment Thread

    Discussion in 'News and Annoucements' started by x, Apr 9, 2016.

    We are recruiting active members of the community who would like to help out. We have the following roles that we want filled.
    • Forum Moderator: Moderates the forum and ensures that it is spam free. Also deals with internal forum issues if they arise. Will be given the Forum Moderator Tag, and will be deeply involved with changes made on the forum. Please apply through
    • Game Server Staff: Currently only recruiting for Garry's Mod staff. Please apply within the selected server you wish to staff (If you do not see a forum for the server you want to staff there is no need for a staff on that server, we may open up staffing positions if we get enough voice from the community. Please create a thread within with your thoughts and opinions as well thoughts from other members of the community). Requirements will vary, please check the necessary forums.
    • Graphic Artist: We are looking for people who can produce artwork for Events, News Announcements, Logos and any other GFX needs. If you wish to apply please go to and apply for the GFX team. You will have access to a private forum where you can collaborate with others on the GFX team and will help design the look and feel of the Forum.
    • Recruitment Officer: Your job will be to recruit more members into the community to help us grow. We will have specialized Recruitment Officers (For example, you may apply to be a CS:GO focused Recruitment officer, in which case you will be given the power to promote players on our CS:GO servers). To apply please and submit a form using the given format.
    • Event Coordinator: You will be a part of hosting and managing events across the TPG community. We will supply you with whatever is needed for you to host events. Will work together with the GFX Team to produce any banners if needed. Please apply via
    • Server Manager: Manages and maintains a server, this involves picking your own staff and setting your own rules. Your server will be run independent the way you want it (with a general rules that you have to follow). We will try to adjust all Game play aspects of the game to fit with what you want. To apply simply make a post within the Staff Lounge (For current staff). If you already have a community and would like to join our network please PM me the name of your community, the IP of your server, and a reason why you would like to join TPG. Update: We will not be limiting recruitment of server managers from within any more! Apply at
    • Developer: Will develop and work on our game servers. Apply by private messaging me using the following format:
      • What work have you done? (Please provide evidence of work you have done)
      • What language(s) do you know.
    If you have an idea of more roles please let us know by creating a topic
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