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    ***Pointshop*** New Cases

    Discussion in 'Changelogs' started by x, Apr 6, 2016.

    This update applies to all TTT servers besides Battlegrounds.
    We have added two new Cases:
    • Flesh Case
    • Crazy Case

    The Flesh Case allows you to gain Flesh skinned weapons (22 of them) as well as a Flesh Crowbar (First Crowbar'd skin made easy to get not counting Golden Crowbar).

    Crazy Case is a Premium only purchasable case/key set. The case cost 100 while the key cost 250.
    This case drops the digital Warfare skin sets (Red,Green,Blue) ([glow=white]Very Common[/glow]), Flesh skinned weapons ([glow=green]Common[/glow], Premium hats/Grenades ([glow=blue]rare[/glow]), Golden Crate/Key ([glow=purple]Very RARE[/glow]), and a random chance to get ANY KNIFE ([glow=Orange]Super Rare[/glow].