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    INFO Now accepting Steam items as donations!

    Discussion in 'News and Annoucements' started by RealOG, May 7, 2017.

    Hello everyone

    We recently created a new steambot, which increases your options when it comes to donations. You can exchange your CS:GO and TF2 keys at a rate of 2000 points per key.

    To redeem your points, simply join a TPG server of your choosing after sending the keys to the bot. The bot will give you the correct type of points based on the server you first connect to.

    This means, that if you join a TTT server, you will receive 2000 premium points, and if you join a deathrun server, 2000 deathrun points.

    You can make offers to the steambot via the following link:

    We hope you will enjoy this new feature!
    Thanks, and as always, have fun!
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    Update: You may now donate with any steam id that has a steam market value of $1 USD or higher. You will be given premium points ingame based on the value of the item donated!

    There will also be a ingame menu where you can trade the coins for Premium points/Points depending on which server you're on!
    Type !sd in-game to open up the menu. If you are unable to donate an item from a certain game please start a thread here naming the game and why we should whitelist that game for donations.