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    RULES Marketplace Rules & Formats

    Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Exec, Sep 5, 2016.

    • When closing or ending a listing, make a post to notify us. Forum moderators will then be able to lock your listing.
    • Listings that have been inactive for 2 weeks will be locked.
    • If the listing is still active, you are allowed to bump once every 3 days.
    As always, trade at your own risk.
    Remember to leave feedback on a user's forum profile if possible; whenever a transaction has been completed.
    Canadian-bacon's Guide on how to leave feedback

    Title: [H] what you have to sell/offer [W] what you want

    Applying a Prefix:
    [POINTSHOP] for pointshop to pointshop only transactions
    [STEAM] for steam trades only
    [FORUM] for trading pointshop>forum $$ or vice versa
    [OTHER] pointshop for steam items, steam for forum $$, steam for paypal, etc

    Suggested post formatting

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Not open for further replies.