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    INFO How to Join TPG's Discord server.

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Canadian-bacon, Sep 1, 2016.

    Hello, this is a guide (with pictures) on how to join TPG's simple Discord server.

    Discord is like Skype but on a web browser (app open for mobile users), with multiple channels once in a server you may voice or text chat whomever is there and even maintain a friends list with private PMs.

    Either find the banner located on our forums and click it.

    Discord banner.png

    Or use this link:
    Use this to connect to our server, once connected to a server it will always be remembered on your Discord profile.


    Accept the invite.
    Discord invite.png
    Continue to Discord.
    Discord invite 2.png

    The Basics:

    After you have connected you will be faced with a page like so.
    Discord main page.png

    This is whats important.

    Here are what are called Channels, different sections of discussion which you may enter to join or leave other user's in order to chat with players playing the same game as you or just to talk more privately with a specific group of users.

    Here are your text channels, you click this to switch the white page in the middle to different text messaging.
    Discord text chat.png

    You type and receive messages at the bottom middle of the white portion of the page in real time.

    discord text chat 2.png

    Next are voice Channels. Voice channels are like text channel but for voice, you can be in a different voice and text channel all at the same time if you'd like. The channel names are self-explanatory.

    discord voice chat.png

    To mess with your microphone's settings and to change your account details (avatar, etc) click these options on the bottom left.

    discord mic settings.png

    Friend and friend Management is another aspect of Discord, to view the friends tab click this at the top left.

    discord friends.png

    Once in the friends tab you can send invites, accept invites, block users and PM friends.

    discord friends 2.png

    Thank you for following this short guide on how to use Discord! If you have any questions don't be shy to post a question thread and our staff and users will be happy to help.

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    Dec 17, 2015
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    Our TPG Discord server have a few Bots for different uses. Here's how to use em.

    Coin Flip:
    To flip a coin type "$flip" (Type everything with out the quotations " ")

    A bot will then respond with either Tails:
    [​IMG] or heads: [​IMG]

    You can also flip multiple at once, for example type "$flip 3"

    The Maximum value you can flip at once is 10.

    Rolling Dice:

    Now rolling dice is a little confusing. When I tested the rolls two bots responded to me, so you can choose which ever.

    You may roll for multiple dice and high numbered dice by using this:

    $roll [x,d,y] - x=# of dice to roll, y= roll a dice from 1 - y.

    Example, type "$roll 3d32" This means I roll three 32 sided dice.

    roll dice 1.png

    So, two bots will respond to you, you may ignore the first but, it is simply telling you that you rolled a non-
    existent number, the second bot is the one with your results, which are listed in lowest to highest order.

    There is another roll function. For example type "$roll 4"

    roll dice 2.png

    Here you can see by typing "$roll 4"

    Typical bot responded with a random number between 1-4. The min value for typical's roll is 1 and the max is 100.

    Nadeko however, when i typed "$roll 4" Rolled 4 6-sided die, and when i type "$roll 1" rolled one 6-sided die, with images.

    More rolls:


    roll dice 3.png
    roll dice 4.png

    $nroll - Rolls in a given range. "$nroll 5" (rolls from 0-5), "$nroll 5-10" (rolls from 5-10)

    roll dice 5.png


    >choose - Chooses from a list of things. ">choose North;East;West;South", will select one of the listed choices.

    Ex: ">choose Chicken;Cheese;Eggs"

    discord choose bot.png


    Ask the 8ball a yes/no question.

    ">8ball should i do something"

    Discord 8ball.png

    Rock paper scissors:

    If you have no friends you can play against the bot!

    ">rps rock"
    ">rps paperclip"
    ">rps scissors"

    discord rock paper scissors.png

    Song request:

    You can request songs.

    "!!q [insert link here]"

    discord music.png

    For more help and commands type "$help"

    Discord bot help.png
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