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    Forum Money/Warnings

    Discussion in 'News and Annoucements' started by x, Jun 27, 2016.

    Forum Money:
    Forum money can be used to purchase special effects that apply to your username, giving you access to things such as User Albums, or enabling you to purchase member in certain groups for certain amounts of time. We will be offering users special perks every now and then on the forums, such as allowing players to purchase banner space.
    How to gain Cash:
    Posting: You will gain $1 for creating a post exceeding 50 characters
    Logging in daily: $1
    Having a liked post: $1
    Unliking a post you liked: -$5
    Having one of your post deleted: -$5


    Warnings are a way of policing players who have broken the server rules. If a moderator sees you breaking these rules they SHOULD first warn you unless you obsessively break them. 3 Warnings will yield a 1 day ban, 5 warnings a 3 day, 7 warnings a week. The moderator issuing your warnings will decide how long a offense will stick. If you feel you have been unfairly warned please contact @Exec asap.

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