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    Expanding our GMOD Divison

    Discussion in 'Garry's Mod' started by x, Jun 15, 2016.

    Have you always wanted to see a game mode from us that we are not yet currently hosting?
    We will be offering you a chance to run that game mode for our community with the follow few requirements.
    1. You must have a team ready to work on the server. This means you should have a select few to help you kick start the server be it just be from a staffing aspect/development/or simply a populating aspect we want to see that you have gather some people to help you.
    2. Must be able to put in the time and effort in running a server with your team.
    3. A requirement to be semi-forum active
    4. Have interest in the gamemode and willing to grow a community
    If you are interested please PM me with your team list and i will review it, you will be PM'd back a response. If you require more information please PM me as well.
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