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    RULES Debate club rules

    Discussion in 'Debate Club' started by Canadian-bacon, Jul 16, 2016.

    These are the debate club forum rules all users must respect.

    General rules:

    -Respect all debaters.
    -Do not attack or flame others.
    -Keep foul language to a minimum.
    -Any racist or homophobic slurs/behaviour will not be tolerated.

    - If You're caught breaking these rules your post will be deleted and you may be given a warning points which lead to ban(s). -

    Formulating an argument:

    -Have a basis/explanation for your argument.
    -Have evidence for your stance.
    -Use semi-credible sources.
    -Keep an open mind.

    Spam/Offtopic Posts:

    All Spam/Offtopic posts will be deleted without warning. Multiple violations will lead to warnings being issued.

    Your post is considered Spam/Offtopic if:

    -it consists of one worded replies
    -adds nothing to the debate
    -deviates to subjects other than the main debate question and arguments. (Offtopic)
    -long repeatition of letters or anoying images/characters.
    -Double posting
    - any "+1" 's

    Golden Rule: Have knowledge of a topic before arguing a side.

    Inactive debates will be locked.
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