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    Deathrun rules (reposted)

    Discussion in 'Garry's Mod' started by CrushedIceIceBaby, Nov 29, 2017.

    • Respect all users
    • Do not mic/chat spam
    • No racial slurs
    • Do not harass other players
    • Do not scam (in trades)
    • Do not exploit
    • Do not use scripts
    • Do not request inappropriate songs
    • Don't tell the other team what has been said in team chat
    • Do not use the "cl_cmdrate" command

    • Do not attack the deaths while on the track
    • On easy mode on "Spongebob" the deaths always win
    • Don't trick the deaths into activating traps
    • Baiting players is fine
    • Do not delay the rounds (staying in the spawn room or just outside of it past the two minute mark)
    • Do not say "Freerun" as a runner
    • Do not tell the runners what buttons have been presssed
    • After finishing the track, do not activate the traps

    • Targeting Is allowed
    • Do not say "Freerun"
    • Be a fair sport after you kill someone, or you die yourself
    • Do not say "Freerun" & tick traps
    • Anyone can claim traps
    • Do not attack the runners
    • Do not trick the runners into dying
    • Do not trap spam

    • Do not tell the alive players anything they do not already know (applies for the dead as well)

    Rules may be updated.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.