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    Battleground Rules

    Discussion in 'Trouble in Terrorist Town' started by ostrig12, Nov 29, 2017.

    These are the rules that govern the Battleground TTT server
    -Respect others at all times.
    -Third party programs will result in a ban: This includes programs such as Skype, any form of hacking software, or TeamSpeak.
    -Offensive, pornographic, or gore sprays are not allowed. This includes generally sexual ones.
    -Prop pushing and killing are never allowed under any circumstance. Prop surfing, however, is now allowed.
    -Do not make false reports because these will get you slain.
    -The beginning of your name should have English characters only. Also, your name should not have anything inappropriate in it. A minimum of 3 meaningful characters is needed.
    -You may warn someone three times for following you or blocking a doorway, then KOS them. Each warning must be 5 seconds apart.
    -Do not exploit any glitches.
    -Do not impersonate staff or any other player.
    -You never have to comply with the orders of other innocents or detectives in game: This includes ammo and gun checks, going to a certain location etc. The only exception is force testing.
    -While staff are on there is no need to start votekicks/mutes/gags. You can use @ then your message to ask mods to kick/gag/mute. Any vote while staff are on will be punished with a kick.
    -Do not say anything or have a name that will/could upset people.
    -If someone is blocking you, you have to warn them 3 times to move. The warnings must be 5 seconds apart. If someone is following you then it is the same, but warnings must be 5 seconds apart.
    -You are not allowed to intentionally lose a round. Doing this for points could result in ban.
    -You may not KOS locations.
    -Shooting down someone's minecart when they are prop surfing is considered RDM. Shooting at/near the cart when it is on the ground is considered t baiting.
    -You CANNOT kos for a traitor trap being activated, unless you know that the person is the only one in the area 100%.
    -Using steam chat or other like that to coordinate stuff like t virus is NOT allowed
    - All forms of revenge or targeted RDM are not allowed, and warrant extra punishment. Targeted RDM includes killing someone for anything not related to game, revenge RDM is killing as revenge for a slay/kill. - Targeting/harassing any player for any reason, legitimate or not is not allowed. If you feel that you are being targeted tell staff.
    -No calling "livecheck or kos" ever, no exceptions.
    -Discombobulators, incendiary, and gas grenades are only kosable when they COULD hurt someone, use common sense.
    -Paying players to RDM is considered targeted RDM on both parts, even if the player is not paid. -Attempting to push a player in lava/water is kosable, prop or crowbar.
    -There are NO RDM rounds. No exceptions, RDMing during these rounds is still slayable.
    -You cannot kill a detective for a single RDM. A detective must shoot at you or be mass rdming for it to be okay to kill. You can kill a detective for false kosing you.
    -You cannot kos for a body not having credits
    -Flashbangs are only kosable in nether.
    -If a kill is clearly in crossfire due to shotgun spread or other weapon inaccuracy it is NOT considered RDM -Shooting at a Tesla coil is kosable
    -Do not join on an alternative account unless you are unable to access a main one, in which case you are required to say what your main account is.

    Chat Rules
    -Under no circumstance should you spam chat, mic chat, or admin chat.
    -Keep swearing to a minimum.
    -Offensive slurs will not be tolerated in chat, mic chat, or admin chat. Also, using these in your reports will end in you getting slain.
    -If you need to tell staff something use @ then your message to send a direct message to them.
    -If, for any reason, you are muted or gagged do not spam admin chat to undo it. You broke the rules and it will be lifted in time.

    -Do not RDM: This includes killing for no reason, an illogical reason, or on suspicion. Killing people for standing still, the way they walk, or aiming at you is also considered RDM.
    -Traitor baiting IS allowed. You may taunt players and say you are traitor and CANNOT be killed for this. Shooting not near players is also allowed.
    -You may destroy the Gold and Diamond blocks freely, no KOSes can be made for doing so. -You can also destroy the health station without the detective KOSing you.
    -Do not stand near unidentified bodies without making an attempt to ID them, this can get you killed.
    -You may only kill AFK's after overtime and when you are sure that they are AFK (no gun out, standing in a spawn position).
    -Do not claim areas.
    -In overtime, you are not allowed to kill on suspicion.
    -False KOSes are KOSable themselves, and depending on the circumstances slayable.
    -State when you come into possession of traitor weapons otherwise you can be KOSed.
    -Do not KOS others for hiding bodies or walking around with bodies that are identified.
    -Use common sense when you come upon two people in a firefight. If you don't know who started the fight, you should probably let the survivor explain what happened. If you know who started the fight, you should try to kill them, and leave the other person alone. Also, if you don't know who started the fight, but the survivor walks away from the unIDed body, you can kill them. .

    -Do not kill your Traitor buddies unless they attempt to kill you first.
    -Always call out any traps you set before setting them off.
    -Keep the round moving and don't camp one area for too long.
    -You may destroy the Gold and Diamond blocks freely, no KOSes can be made for doing so.
    -Placing an antlion in front of the nether portal and camping in the nether will result in a warning then an autoslay if you continue to camp.
    -Calling KOSes or simply calling out names of on your T buddies is slayable, with the exception of if they have shot you, kosed you, or have agreed to do this as part of plan. .

    -Detectives cannot force test until it is overtime.
    -You may not claim any detective equipment to be for your use only: This includes KOSing people for using a health station.
    -You may only kill AFK's after overtime and when you are sure that they are AFK (no gun out, standing in a spawn position).
    -Detectives still need reasonable suspicion to KOS on in overtime.
    -Do not call false KOSes, these are KOSable and will eventually get you slain.
    -Detectives cannot claim areas, not even in overtime.
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