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    OTHER A Game Similar To This

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ronan/Warded, Jul 13, 2018.

    My name is Ronan. You might also know me as Warded. I am an oldie. I didn't play on this account but do to issues I made this one for now. After leaving TPG many months (maybe a year?) ago, I found a new game, called Space Station 13. It's very, very similar to Trouble in Terrorist Town. I could spend a long time talking about it, but instead, I will just give you links to it. The premise of the game takes place in a space station, in space, where you perform a role, ranging from an engineer or geneticist, to clown or security officer. Basically, the game is to just to do your job. Except, with a twist. Each round, there is an antagonist with objectives. This can either be an undercover syndicate spy, or a group of cultists who wish to summon the old gods. I really suggest you check it out. I currently moderate on a server called Yogstation 13, which I high recommend you check out. You should also, however, check out the other servers, which all have the same premise but different contents. Some servers are Fallout themed, and one is a colonial marines style server. Do read the rules and the wiki before playing, as banning occurs often. I will include some links below. Hope to see some old faces. You'll need to download the launcher, called BYOND. From here you can access all the servers. Direct question to me on the forums, my name there is OnePunchRonan

    Here's the launcher:
    Here's the server forums I moderate on:
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